We are Business Solution Croatia

We develop innovative, information systems and services for the B2B and B2C markets in Croatia, we create digital strategies for promotion purposes on the IT market, we conduct research and audits, work with data-science, conduct business insights, create awesome mobile and web applications, we deal with UX design and consulting in digital production.

digital strategy

Development of digital strategy

We transfer offline processes on the network. Using IT technologies, we help building effective business communications with the client.

data science and research


We carry out a comprehensive analysis of the market, analysis of competitors, conduct audits of existing tools, make decisions based on data.

web applications

Mobile and web apps development

We create fault-tolerant systems with microservice architecture and a set of cutting-edge technological solutions.

ongoing support

Consulting in digital production

We follow the entire digital brand ecosystem. We support and develop websites on global CMS, create and localize content, we deal with consulting and tech support.